Frequently Asked Questions about our Product and Services

1. How the Databank and Database are procured?
All our Databank and Database are procured on the basis of “Permission Marketing”. We generally generate Databank and Database by conducting different kind of surveys like offline survey, online surveys. We also conduct campaigns, events and telemarketing to generate and update our Databank and Database.

  • ** All our Database and Databank are 100% legal as it was generated through “permission marketing” and provided by subscriber for his/her own interest.
  • 2. What is the Authenticity of the Database and Databank?

    • None of our Database or Databank is auto generated content. All of our Database and Databank have an accuracy and authentication rate more than 95%.
    • *We offer free replacement in case the accuracy is less than 95%
    • **We offer money back guaranty in case the accuracy is less than 85%.

    3. Can I get a sample before purchasing the Database or Databank?

    Yes, you definitely can. Please contact us via Email or phone for your interest and we will provide you with sample.

    4. How do you deliver Database and Databank?

    All of our database and databank is delivered in softcopy format. We provide 3 separate options for deliver. Clients can choose any of them or all of them according to their convenience.

    • 1. Delivery via email as an attachment (Delivery time: within 24 business hours of confirm payment).
    • 2. Download link (we will send a download link via email within 24 business hours of confirm payment).
    • 3. Delivery via CD/DVD format (Courier charge is free anywhere within India and delivered within 72 business hours of confirm payment).

    5. How to make payment or what are the modes of payment?

  • 1. Cash Deposit in our Bank Account.
  • 2. Cheque deposit in our Bank Account.
  • 3. Online money transfer in our Bank Account.
  • 4. Payment via PayPal.
  • 5. Payment via Credit or Debit card.
  • 6. What are the payment terms?

    We take payment in advance only and Databank and Database is delivered only after the payment is made by clients.

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