We deal with 2 Kinds of Databank.

1. Business and Corporate Data (B2B)
We provide various kinds of Corporate and Organizational Databank to facilitate our client’s B2B activities. Apart from our general Databank, we also provide customized Databank according the exact requirement. We provide tailor made solution according to the nature and purpose of your campaign for Marketing, Branding or Promotion.

2. Individual Data (B2C)
We provide different kind of Individual Databank to our clients for Marketing, Branding or Promotional activities. We have various kind of general Databank available, and apart from these we can also help you with customized databank which suits your need and meet the purpose.

Our Products are broadly classified into 3 categories.

  • General Databank
  • Featured Databank
  • Customized Databank

General Databank: Reach Mass People

What is General Databank?

General Databanks are those databanks which are not categorized in terms of specific aspects. Bulk Data comes under this category. The only categorization of General Databank is Geographical Aspects. I.e. Bulk Indian Email ids, Delhi Mobile number Databank etc come under General Databank.

Best Usage

General Databanks are useful to promote a product or service which is consumed by mass people. This kind of Data is really helpful for promoting services or products from different industries like FMCG, Education, Food & Beverages, Banking & Finance, Medical & Health Care and Consulting etc.

  • Broad reach to a large number of people in very short span of time.
  • Create Mass awareness very successfully.
  • Reaches people irrespective of location.

Featured Databank: Reach Specific Target Audience

What is Featured Databank?

Featured Databank is those which are categorized and sorted to make specific target audience. Categorization is done in terms of different aspects like individual income, buying capacity, profession, designation, professional experience; academic qualification and asset base etc. i.e. email ids of CEOs, mobile numbers of Purchase Managers, email of MBA are Featured Databank.

Best Usage

Featured Databank is used to promote a service or product which has a specific target audience. Different industries like Automobile, Travel & tourism, IT, Industrial consulting, Advertising, Media etc use Featured Databank for their advertising.

  • Reach to a specific target audience and prospective customers.
  • Initiates specific target oriented branding and promotion.
  • It increases conversion rate.

Customized Databank: Reach Niche Market

What is Customized Databank?

Customized Databank is very specific and generated with a specific purpose for a particular campaign. These Databanks are generated to initiate a specific branding and promotion campaign. Data in Customized Databank can change with time. Customized Databank can also be categorized in terms of Brand Loyalty. I.e. MBA aspirants in 2011, Fresher’s passed out in 2011, Audi car users mobile numbers, Nokia mobile users email ids are Customized Databank.

Best Usage

Customized Databank should be used for a specific campaign with a specific purpose. It serves niche market and not mass market. It can be effectively used for new product launch also.

  • Reaches Niche Market.
  • Target Audience is sorted out beforehand.
  • It gives very high Conversion rate and ROI.

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